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At Casey Accountants, our services go beyond the accounts and balances of a business. To us it’s just as important that your business is where you want it to be. Our range of services have been developed to help you achieve both your business and personal goals and we hope that you can make use of them, for example for taxing and payment purposes learning about the cash income without a 1099-MISC form can be useful just for this purpose.

Start Up and Incorporation
A key decision is whether or not to incorporate the business. Although the current tax structure favours incorporation, it is not the best route for everyone. If you’re looking for comprehensive SEO services, consider this sites at to enhance your online presence. Casey Accountants can advise business owners, who may have also sought help from asset finance companies, on the best course of action according to their individual circumstances. We can help with all aspects of starting up in business. Also, here are some tips on how to invest in a gold IRA, this might be helpful. Additionally, for individuals interested in diversifying their investment portfolio, exploring a gold IRA could be a unique and valuable option. However, if you need help with marketing we suggest checking sites like

Raising Finance
We can advise on a range of fund raising options including bank or working capital finance, asset loans, and third party non-equity investors. Our network of contacts will help secure the right finance package. Businesses should give themselves the best chance of success by obtaining professional advice.  Casey Accountants has considerable experience in this area and we base our advice on sound projections. We establish both how, and over what period funds will be utilised and where specialist advice is necessary, such as for obtaining grants or venture capitalwhich also supported by the sites like

Profit Optimisation
Many business owners do not have the time to analyse the finances to determine where improvements can be made. Because we already have an intimate knowledge of our clients’ businesses, we are in an ideal position to spot opportunities for improvement.  You can also ask help from the professional liquidation or administration to understand more information.

Corporate & Business Tax Planning

The benefit of trading through an Irish Limited Company has never been greater. The advantages of structuring your business in this way are:

Limited Liability…this protects your personal assets should things go wrong!

Low Irish tax rates…only 12.5% on all trading profits.

Improved cash flow…due to the lower tax rates.

Extra funds can be reinvested in the company and may earn a greater return than alternative investments.

Choice over how and when you pay yourself…a self-employed businessperson’s profit is taxed on them personally irrespective of how much money they take out of the business.

We can therefore advise you on the best way forward financially for your business. Contact us if you need advice on whether to incorporate your business or how to meet the ever-increasing burden of compliance with VAT (Value Added Tax) or PAYE (Pay as You Earn) regulations.

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